We use the Montserrat font as the default font in all productions and as the logotype in connection with our logo. The typeface is an open-source font, and the developer states the following about the origin and purpose of the font:

The old posters and signs in the traditional neighborhood of Buenos Aires called Montserrat inspired me to design a typeface that rescues the beauty of urban typography from the first half of the twentieth century. The goal is to rescue what is in Montserrat and set it free, under a free, libre and open source license."

We have chosen Montserrat and have adapted it a little. We like the clean and simple expression that we feel is very much in line with the Danish design tradition, and at the same time it affords a level of efficiency and readability that is all-important in the digital universe.
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Special standard characters

As a supplement to Outline and Full, we have developed specially selected standard characters that we have given a tweak – these are i, j, !, ?and our geotag icon. See below.

Simple guidelines for correct use:
The four special characters can only be applied in headings using the Full variant. Use only one special character per production.
How to access the special characters
When you need to activate or access one of the 4 special standard characters, type as you usually do, but when you reach the character that you need to replace with one of the special standard characters, just click the alt button while clicking either i, j, ? or ! respectively.

In addition, click the alt button and z button to access or activate our new geotag, which is also included in the font.

When you need to activate or access one of the 4 special standard characters, type as you usually do, but when you reach the character that you need to replace with one of the special standard characters, click "Insert" i the top menu, click "Symbol" and find the special character you need. You can search for the special characters in "Symbols" by using the character codes:

i: 007C
j: 2039
!: 00A1
?: 00B1

In addition, you can find the geotag symbol under "Symbols". You can search the symbol by using the character code 2126.

Use of fonts

Headings must be written either using Full or Outline. Select the option that gives the best overall look. In addition, you can combine Full and Outline in the same header if you use Outline first and then switch to Full to highlight a special message. Do not start with Full and end with Outline.
Sub-headings must use Full and must never be rendered using Outline. Body text always uses the regular VisitDenmark variant of Montserrat. You may combine with the use of colors from VisitDenmark’s color palette. But you must always adhere to the guidelines for primary and secondary colors. This means that it is permitted, for example, to write the first part of a headline using Outline in one color, and then write the remaining part using Full in a different color, but only if you comply with the guidelines for use of colors, and provided it generally lends emphasis to the overall brand and graphic look.

Text and line spacing

Body text
The standard line spacing for body text is 140 percent of the text size for printed material as well as for small digital devices (phones). For large digital displays or outdoor advertising, the line spacing increases to 150 percent.


The size of the text is increased by 125 percent from the standard body text, and the line spacing increases by 140 percent. This way, we ensure the necessary distance between body text and header and optimize the readability of the text.

How to calculate:
The body text is 25 pt and the header must therefore be 25 * 125/100 = 31 pt. The line spacing should be: 25 * 140/100 = 35 pt.

Typography - what not to do

There are, of course, many different ways to combine Full and Outline. But to facilitate a well-composed and standardized use of the font you must adhere to the following guidelines:
Unnatural spacing between characters
Unnatural line spacing
Mixing Outline and Full
Using other fonts than "VisitDenmark"
Mixing upper and lower case lettering
Using wild effects