An English heading - on all markets

When it comes to travel, the modern tourist seeks inspiration from a myriad of sources – personal, local, national and global as well as analogue and digital media. The travel decision is influenced by up to 40 different digital sources before the purchase is made. This means that a Dutch person, for instance, is not only influenced by the marketing aimed at the Netherlands, but also to a great extent by sources published outside the Netherlands – in completely different languages and markets. Therefore, we say that the more uniform our communication is across languages and markets, the more effective it generally is in influencing the modern tourist to spend a holiday in Denmark.

Denmark's storytelling and copywriting universe is guided by three key elements:
1) A playful interaction between words and images that gives a feeling of "Everyday wonder."
2) A consistent use of English headings.
3) A distinct tone of voice with a typical Danish point of origin.

1) Juxtaposition
To achieve and maintain this uniformity and impact, we always combine textual and visual approach, using this juxtaposing to ensure the marketing is guided by a distinct and understated Danish sense of humor and playfulness. We juxtapose an understated heading with a spectacular visual impression or image to create an inspiring message with WOW effect.
2) Always English headings
All campaigns on our brand platform use "Just another WONDER" as a creative starting point for textual/visual juxtapositions. This means that we never translate the words "Just another…" and the subsequent "Wonder" into the local language. Whether the rest of the text is in English or local language is optional.
By using English headings we:
- ensure and maintain our differentiating position
- ensure that neither the message nor the tone of voice is lost in varying translations
- ensure that all strategic elements of the brand are always aligned
- maintain a consistent identity on the individual market and across markets
- build a distinctive personality and recruit fans (believers) across markets, segments, etc. over time