Denmark's logo

The distinct heart-shape – the heart representing trust, integrity and freedom – gives us recognition and visibility. Indeed, the logo is deeply rooted in Denmark both culturally and historically.

The Danish national flag with its distinctive and familiar ‘Scandinavian cross’ has been a royal ensign since the 14th century, and today it is one of the most recognizable symbols of the Kingdom of Denmark. The combination of the red and white colors is perceived as typically Danish, and therefore the flag is an effective logo for Denmark as a destination.

The Danish heart was developed in 1968 for VisitDenmark, then the Danish Tourist Board, and it has been the graphic symbol for Denmark and Danish experiences in marketing since 1978. 

It is well known and used across Danish tourism. A large number of Danish tourism organizations and destinations use the heart in their marketing both nationally and internationally.

Can I use the VisitDenmark heart logo in my marketing?
If you want to use the VisitDenmark heart logo, your company must have a clear affiliation and a defined collaboration with VisitDenmark. The logo can only be used when Denmark is being marketed as a holiday destination.

The trademark may not be used in a context that may infringe on VisitDenmark or other tourism operators who are authorized to use the logo.  

The trademark must also not be used to promote your own business.

Who can use the heart logo with their own name tag?
The heart logo with its own name tag must only be used by public authorities working in tourism marketing. 

Contact VisitDenmark to make an appointment. 

Please feel free to contact us at if you have problems downloading the logo files or if you have any questions regarding specific application.
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Heart logo alone

The heart logo must not be used alone. In special cases, such as profile images on Facebook, Instagram or other social media, VisitDenmark can decide to use the heart logo alone. Such a decision must be made by VisitDenmark’s head office.

Placement and free space

To ensure clarity, the logo must be placed on its own and not in the immediate vicinity of other graphic elements. If a logo is placed near the edge of a surface (the edge of the paper or a colored background/frame) or near other graphic elements, it should never be closer than 1x.

The free space around the VisitDenmark logo corresponds to the square indicated by an X. The height and width of the square is determined by the distance from the top of the heart’s upper edge to the foot of the heart.

The free space is always identical on all sides, whether placed to the right, left, above or below the logo. The stipulated free space expresses the minimum space around the logo. The space can be greater than the minimum. Graphic elements – texts, borders, color surfaces or other logos – must never encroach on the free space surrounding the VisitDenmark logo.

Logo guidelines

VisitDenmark’s logo should as a rule always be placed as the last logo in the reading direction, and generally at the bottom-right. Alternatively, it can be placed centrally, but only if this strengthens the overall graphic/visual look. Placement of the logo must always comply with the guidelines for the free space.

Logo - what not to do

The global product logo must, as described, be used in all contexts where Denmark is marketed as a tourism destination. But it must not be modified, adapted or adjusted in anyway, as illustrated below.

It is not permitted to change the logo by cropping it, changing its signature, adding copy in front of the heart, etc. The logo must always be used as published in the logo package.
Change the font
Change the color of the logo
Rotate the logo
Change the aspect ratio
Compress the logo
Stretch the logo