Our visual universe is inspired by the Danish storytelling tradition – from Hans Christian Andersen and Karen Blixen over Dogma 95 and Nordic Noir to modern Denmark – which the whole world has become increasingly aware of in recent years. We base our storytelling on our diverse yet typical Danish heritage and for this, the right choice of images is crucial.

We operate with two main image types: large scale and close-ups. These two kinds of images complement each other and can be combined to create an inspiring and clear narrative without the use of words or other means.

Selecting images
- We always show images of the destination.
- We never use stylized images, only images with authentic, natural people.
- Identification is an essential criterion in the image selection. Older people best identify with people younger than themselves, so we show pictures of people who are younger than the actual target group.
- Our strategic use of juxtaposition means that we bring Danish humor into play, juxtaposing a subtle text message with a spectacular visual. This places great demands on the image selection.

Close-ups - getting closer to the Wonders

Our use of close-up images communicates a feeling of photo documentation and shows the destination inhabited by active tourists. We use these images to highlight moods and moments – wonders – and to place the tourist actively and emotionally at the destination. These images can include pictures of meals, bathers, cycling, etc.

We operate with three variants that serve different purposes:

Medium close-up
Halfway between a regular motif and a close-up. Typically, you will be able to see most of the person, the house, the object,etc., and there will be space in the picture to also clearly distinguish the destination.

The focus is on a very specific feature: a face, working hands, the pedals on a bike, a plate of food, etc. The object occupies the entire image and there is no destination present in the image.

Extreme close-Up
So close to the motif that you sense the textures and materials. This could be a water surface, sand or wood surfaces that are typical of Denmark or the destination. It is very important that we use these images only when they serve a purpose in the story or the graphic design.

When using close-ups, it is important not to crop the image in a way so that the people or object are in the middle. Rather, the image should always comply with "the Golden cut".

Several images together - one overall story

The idea of using a series of images together is to tell one story - not to showcase a number of images from several destinations. This helps us build a narrative where each image tells you something new about the same experience - the wonder. By playing with the scale and mixing epic scenery with people captured in specific situations, we create an inspiring and powerful story - without a single written word.

Choosing to use several images helps us capture a story, a place, a mood or a feeling. In the examples below, wide-angled images and close-ups are mixed as to bring the focus from the destination to the individual moment and create identification and inspiration.

Download images of Denmark

Our Media Centre contains numerous images of Denmark. However, please note that the collection does not reflect which images are currently on-brand and should be used in future marketing.

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