Graphic elements

To ensure maximum recognition and coherence in the general Danish tourism marketing, it is important that the use of all graphic elements is consistent and that Denmark’s visual identity – logo, typography, color palette, graphic design elements, etc. – is used correctly, uniformly and consistently every time we publish.


You can use geotags on main images in a production. Geotags are a simple way to add value to the image, while giving it a design element that is ours.

Using geotags

If the main image in a production is recognizable as a specific destination or city, always use geotagging in the image. Use several images if this underscores the graphic communication. Geotags should also be used with printed matter, but they work even better online, where a link can send readers to a page with other images from the same destination.

It is important not to be too local in the choice of destination text for a geotag. Always choose destinations that can create recognition in the current market, such as North Jutland or Løkken rather than a specific local country road leading to the sea.
How to access the geotag character
To access and activate our font geotag simply click the alt button and z button.

Geotag - what to do and not to do

There are many ways to place a geotag correctly in the image. In addition to the correct positioning of the geotag, also consider which colors and surfaces it is placed on.

These guidelines show you what to do and what not to do.
Dark blue icon and font
Negative icon and font
Primary color icon and font
Vertical positioning
Horizontal positioning
Geotag on white framed background (primarily web)
Icon and font must always face the edge
Icon and font must never be placed to the left
Icon and font must never be placed at the bottom
No secondary color icon and font
No geotag on colored framed background
Beware of poor readability


We rarely use ‘splash’ in our communication, but this can be an option when emphasizing an offer from a third party or to bring attention to a competition. In this case, use one of the following variants:


We often use buttons for CTA in our advertising. The minimum size of a button on a banner is 100 x 33 px and the text must be min. 10 px. You have the choice of the following buttons and CTA on banners, etc.: