Denmark's color palette

VisitDenmark uses a standardized color palette from which you may not deviate in the communication. This color palette originates from our nature and the distinct organic and natural shapes of our cities, countryside and coast. This means that we naturally use a mixture of cold and warm colors that originate from our geography and changing seasons.
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Color definition

Our color palette consists of five basic colors, five primary colors and three secondary colors. It is a broad and flexible color palette that covers many different needs and can target different audiences. The colors may be used in hues of the original color.

The secondary colors are inspired by many of our strengths, such as nature, energy, design, innovation, history, art and culture. The clear, bright colors can be used to express life and dynamism, while the more subdued, cool, classic colors can express tradition and history. When choosing a color, one must always consider the type of information, the target group and the image selection.

Basic colors
CMYK: 0/100/90/5
Rgb: 223/4/31
Hex: #df041f
Pantone: 185 C
Dark Blue
Cmyk: 100/80/42/42
Rgb: 8/39/71
Hex: #082747
Pantone: 2767 C
Dark Grey
CMYK: 27/18/18/0
Rgb: 195/197/200
Hex: #c2c5c7
Pantone: Cool Gray 3 C
CMYK: 17/11/10/0
Rgb: 216/218/220
Hex: #d8dadc
Pantone: Cool Gray 2 C 
Light Grey
CMYK: 0/0/012
Rgb: 232/234/235
Hex: #e8eaeb
Pantone: Cool Gray 1 C
Primary colors
Light Blue
CMYK: 35/0/0/0
Rgb: 189/231/255
Hex: #bde7ff
Pantone: 304 C
Light Green
CMYK: 43/0/37/0
Rgb: 155/229/184
Hex: #9be5b8
Pantone: 7478 C
Light Orange
CMYK: 0/15/40/0
Rgb: 251/220/162
Hex: #fbdca2
Pantone: 1215 C
CMYK: 0/33/14/0
Rgb: 247/191/198
Hex: #f7bfc6
Pantone: 182 C
Secondary colors
CMYK: 88/26/0/0
Rgb: 0/142/211
Hex: #008ed3
Pantone: 7689 C
CMYK: 78/0/90/0
Rgb: 24/173/81
Hex: #18ad51
Pantone: 7481 C
CMYK: 0/34/72/0
Rgb: 252/186/82
Hex: #fcba52
Pantone: 136 C

Colors - what to do

The colors are carefully selected to cover many different needs and to be used in relation to different target groups and markets. The colors may be used as different hues of the original color.

Colors - what not to do

To maintain consistency in our design and branding, clear guidelines have been defined for how not to use the colors when developing content with VisitDenmark as the sender.


VisitDenmark’s new branding and design reflects our culture and landscape. To create extra depth and playfulness when colors are used on full surfaces in e.g. presentations, you may choose the gradients below:

About color systems

Here is a brief explanation of when the different color systems are used:
Pantone (PMS)
Pantonefarver (PMS) is a global color system for specifying colors. Pantone is used primarily for printing, e.g. letter line and serigraphic printing on gift items and clothing.
CMYK (4-color)
CMYK color references are used for most printed matter.
RGB and HEX (#)
RGB and HEX values are used for electronic media such as web and PowerPoint.